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Good afternoon everyone.

As I write this, we are experiencing a severe thunderstorm. This system has caused several tornado’s in the state of Mississippi but has weakened during its path over to our neck of the woods, in which I’m very thankful for. Looks like it may be a wet Saturday for us.

My cat, Clyde, hates thunderstorms and is sitting next to me on the floor looking for protection.  He’s not a lap cat and hates to be picked up and will not sit with you or me or anyone else as far as that goes.  But during storms, he seeks my protection and my protection only.  He just heard a loud clap of thunder and off he goes behind my bed.  He will not return until all is quiet again.  Funny,  cowardly cat.

Not much reaction to my video that I posted the other day.  I guess that might my last one. I don’t know, I may try one more to see how it goes.  I’ll give it some time though.

After I made the video, I went back to youtube and watched some video’s from the Leukemia Society.  They had posted several videos of patients with CML as they described their weeks up to being diagnosed.  They included bruising,  Feeling tired all the time, headaches and wanting to sleep all the time.  I never experienced any of that.  On one video, the guy was saying that when he was diagnosed back in 2014, his white blood count was over 260.  Mine was caught before it got that high.  At the time of diagnoses, mine had gotten as high as 138.  Maybe that’s the reason I didn’t experience any of the side effects; my numbers just wasn’t as high as his.  I also read that one lady, who also was diagnosed in 2014, got her numbers down and was taken off all of her meds.  She still get’s tested every six months but she no longer takes meds for her CML.  That’s encouraging.

I hope everyone has a chance to get out and enjoys the weekend.