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I remember going to these things when my boy was in cub scouts. I would always end up working on the car because he would never do it the way I wanted him to do it.  We had fun working together anyway.  It was a good time for us.  He was at the, what I would like to call, the fun age.  We would always find something to do together.  He loved the scouts as did I.  This gave us a wonderful opportunity to be together plus it gave him an opportunity for him to be around kids his own age.  I really miss those days.  He’s grown now, moved out of the house not long ago and into an apartment not far from here.

Boy Scouts has changed somewhat since I was a boy scout those many years ago.  One thing that hasn’t changed is the program and what they have to offer.  You may not like what’s happened within the past few years, neither do I in some aspects but there’s one thing they still offer, and that’s a program that keeps the boys out of trouble and in doing so they have the opportunity to learn something.

I digress.  This article was supposed to be about the Pinewood Derby which was held yesterday.  Eighteen cars were entered from all over our district.  Nearly all the boys won some sort of trophy.  They had to win their division just be able to race their car in this race so they had to win something before they got there.  Everyone had a great time.  Hope you enjoy the video.