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This year has got to be the worst year so far as far as my health is concerned.  I’ve already been hospitalized twice this year and another visit is just around the corner.  This month alone I’ve been to a doctor five times for tests and other examinations.

Since my bout with pneumonia back in May, my breathing has gotten worse.  So much so that I can’t walk any distance or do any type of work without gasping for a breath.  Even sitting here typing this my breathing is labored.  I had a nuclear stress test last week as well as an ultrasound of my heart and both tests have come back without any abnormalities.  My regular doctor is supposed to be setting up an appointment with a cardiologist hopefully one day next week for a follow up.

I long for the day I’m able to walk down the hallways at work or hop on my bicycle for a twenty mile ride without feeling like crap.