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Before I went to bed last night at 10:30 pm along with my regular diabetic meds, I took my pain meds and two ibuprofen PM pills.  I woke up around 2 am hurting like I’ve not hurt before so I got up and took another pain pill and another ibuprofen PM.  At 6:30 my wife woke me up so that I could text my boss and let him know that I wasn’t coming in.  I also took another pain pill and yet another ibuprofen PM and went right back to bed. I didn’t wake up until nearly 2pm.  I don’t recall ever sleeping that late ever.  The best thing is that I’ve been somewhat pain free since I woke up.  I haven’t had to have a pain pill since I’ve been up.  I’ve been using the strainer that the doctor gave me but I haven’t seen anything in the cup so I’m not sure if I’ve passed anything or not.  Kidney stones are not something to laugh about.  They hurt.

“Life Goes On!”