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After an exhausting afternoon watching the Alabama/Tennessee game I decided that I needed a break from all the excitement.  It was such a close game toward the end that my head started hurting, my blood pressure got out of wack; I just needed to get away.  I went out in the back yard and found my fire pit and built a fire.  I grabbed my camping chair and just sat there watching the fire.  At first I sat down with out my cell or house phone but then I realized that the wife and kids were not home and if they needed me they would not be able to find me.  So, I went back in and grabbed the cell and went back outside.

To make a long story short, my wife and kids got home, Bama won, wife fixed supper and afterwards I went back outside to enjoy the fire.  To my astonishment, my wife joined me sometime later and we sat for a couple of hours, just her and I, just watching the fire.  We held hands and talked about our kids.  Keep in mind that my girls were still inside and didn’t want any part of this, which was fine with us.  Just sitting there getting to know each other again.  Felt good while it lasted.

“Life Goes On!”