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I didn’t sleep much last night due to leg cramps and a low sugar episode. When I did finally get out of bed this morning I could hardly move.  That little stunt in the attic yesterday really did me in.

I took off a little early to take my daughter to a Honor Band tryout but when I got home there was a message waiting on me telling me that the tryouts had been postponed.  Instead of taking it easy and getting a nap in I took the light fixture down, drilled out the holes with my Rotor Zip tool and remounted the fixture.  No big deal.

I have been known to be called Jack of all trades master of one.  I do have my HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) licences but only after about five years of going to night school.  As far as being an electrician, I do have some training but only when it comes to HVAC.  I have to give my dad credit when it comes to all my electrical learning.  My dad was the true Jack of all trades master of all.  He can do anything from plumbing, electrical and anything else you might need him to do.  You can give hime the dimensions of a house and he can tell you how much lumber you’ll need and not have much left over.  This is not an exaggeration because I’ve seen him do it multiple times. My dad does have his Masters in the electrical field.  It took him several years to get it but he never gave up.

My dad and I worked together a lot while I was growing up.  It didn’t matter what he was working on I’d be right there with him handing him the tools of the trade.  I think that’s where I got my “knowledge” on working of different things. He was never afraid to try anything once.  I remember watching my dad work on the television when I was just a kid.  I remember him telling me not to touch this or that or I’d get a shock.  I had no idea he could work on such things but the next day the television would be fixed.  I remember telling my dad that I wanted to be just like him when i grew up.  You know what??  I did.

On a side note.  Both my parents are still alive.  They are both in their seventies and I count it a blessing everyday that I can still talk to them.  Dad taught me the tools of the trade while my mom taught me the joys of cooking, among other things.