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I know I’ve shared this photo before but I’d like to share just how easy it is to make.  This is a BlackBerry Cobbler and I know being a diabetic I shouldn’t be eating it but a small amount in moderation should be ok.

All the fruit cobblers that I make in my Dutch Ovens can be made in a oven safe dish in your conventional oven.  The ingredients include 4 cans of your favorite fruit pie filling, in this case blackberry pie filling.  One box of either white or yellow cake mix.  Store brand is fine and one stick of butter.

To start off with puur all four cans of your fruit pie filling in the bottom of your pan and spread the filling to make a flat surface.  Take your cake mix powder and pour it in on top of the pie filling.  What I like to do next is to take the pot and give it a good shake to even out the cake mix to level it out.  Take your butter and cut it into quarter inch pads and place on top of your cake mix.  Put the lid on it and put it in a pre heated 350 degree oven.  I’d check on it every fifteen minutes or so but it should be golden brown on top within thirty minutes or so.  Serve with your choice flavor ice cream

Variations include Spice Cake mix with chopped walnuts or pecans with an apple pie filling with cinnamon sprinkled on top.  Peach pie filling with white or yellow cake mix with cinnamon sprinkled on top or just plain apple pie filling with white or yellow cake mix and cinnamon.

“Life Goes On!”