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MY girls got in really late last night, actually it was this morning when they finally rolled in from their band competition.  We all slept in except for one of my four legged kids.  Clyde never allows my wife to sleep in.  He’s always trying to get her up around 6am or so.  Any way, most of us slept in.  I had a meeting with a scout and being that I’m the chairman of the Eagle Board I had to be there.

After the meeting I came home and got the grill ready to start putting another coat of seasoning on my recently cleaned cast iron. It usually takes about three to four hours to put one coat of seasoning on a piece of cast iron and that doesn’t count the cool down process.  The whole process can take several days to several weeks depending on how much rust and/or grease is built on the piece.  I’ve left pieces in my Etank for several days at a time just because I didn’t have time to work on the cast iron.  When it comes out of the tank it’s got to go through at least one seasoning process otherwise it will start rusting on you.  Sometimes it’s a long process but when you get the last coat on that piece of CI, it’s totally worth it.

“Life Goes On!”