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I’m just sick to my stomach as to what I witnessed tonight.  So much so that I’m spitting mad.  Tonight was a football game between my daughters school in which they play in the band and my alma mater.  I was so looking forward to seeing some of my friends that I went to high school with but instead I had to hang my head in shame.

I arrived at the game late in the first quarter.  Corner, my alma mater, had already had seven points on the board.  I was to meet my parents there and they were sitting on the home field of Corner.  I made my way past the gate where I saw one of my cousins in which I spoke to for about ten minutes or so.  I then made my way to where my parents were sitting and sat down with them. About ten minutes from the half is when all hell broke lose.

I’m not privy to what gone or what is said between players during the game but something must have been said or done to cause one of Pleasant Grove’s players to literally attack Corners player right after he got tackled.  Of course, either the refs didn’t see it or wanted to turn their back to it.  The home team stands saw it though and they went wild.  Words like “Eject him, Throw him out and tremendous amount of Boo’s went on for nearly ten or so minutes.  Finally the refs got together and ejected not one but two of PG’s players.  This was the start.  For the next five plays, PG was penalized after every play for personal fouls.  During this time they even managed to get two touchdowns in which were called back because of these fouls.  Unbelievable.  Now I’m already having a difficult time sitting there because I’m pulling for my daughters school and to hear the crowd boo our team was a little more than I could take.

Half time came and the bands played.  Which both bands did an excellent job considering all the tension on the field.  PG came onto the field with Boo’s.  I was really expecting to see the same unsportsmanlike conduct during the rest of the game but the coaches on both teams must have had strong words with the players during their halftime break. The remainder of the game was relatively calm.  Oh there were some pushes and some unnecessary shoves but not one personal foul made during the second half but the damage was done.

After the second quarter got started, I walked my mom and dad over to the visitor side and they got to see their granddaughters.  After a while they said their goodbyes and my parents went home.  The final score of the game was PG 31 Corner 13.  Should I be proud of the win?  I’m not sure.  In all my years of my kids attending this school, I’ve never, never seen this sort of disrespect and unsportsmanlike conduct.

I don’t care what the excuse is, if there is any, there is no reason for deliberately attacking another player.

“Life Goes On!”