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I had a fairly busy day today.  It started when I took my daughter to the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame for her music lessons then home for lunch.  After lunch I prepared the dough for the pizza that I’m planning on cooking tomorrow night.  I did get a chance to watch a little bit of the Alabama game but it wasn’t long before I had to leave and go watch my daughter’s perform with their high school band at a band jamboree.

Tomorrow is going to be just as busy.  The girls are wanting me to cook breakfast in the morning then I’ve got some cast iron that I’ve got to start on the re seasoning process.  I’ve got yard work that I’d like to do plus I wouldn’t mind going on a bicycle ride if I have time.

Once I start on the pizza I’ll try and remember to take pictures so that I can share the cooking process.  Right now the dough is sitting in a bowl with tin foil over it so it can rise.  According to the instructions, once I get it in the skillet I’m supposed to let it rise again for another hour before I put it in the oven.  I’m really hoping this works out.

“Life Goes On!”