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Over 500 cyclists joined in today’s ride. It was awesome.  To see this many people join a cause is simply amazing.  Now whether or not it does any good remains to be seen.

It started off very slow.  So slow that for over 100 yards or so I just pushed myself along.  William Robertson’s wife and the rest of his club lead the ride along with some of Birmingham’s finest police officers.  The ride was only less than seven miles but because of the slow speed it took well over an hour to complete.  There were times when I reached the speed of about 20 but that was short lived.  My average for this morning was a little over ten mph.  We did have a collision which involved about three bikes.  I’m not sure of the outcome but everyone looked to be standing when I rode past.

I got home and rested a bid, didn’t even change out of my riding gear.  I left out and rode another 23 miles before supper.  I would have rode further but my rear light went dead and I didn’t fee right not having a light to warn off drivers.

All in all I had a good three day weekend.  Wished it was longer but I guess everyone does.  My next holiday will be Thanksgiving weekend.  It looks like I’ll have a four day weekend.  Can’t wait for that.

“Life Goes On!”