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Normally at this time I’d be trying to prepare myself for tomorrow, Monday.  Tonight I’m rejoicing the fact that I will not be going to work tomorrow.  Instead, I’ll be getting ready for the trip planned for Tuesday.  Tomorrow, I’ll have a lot going on including a small photo shoot.  Once the shoot is over with I’ll have some stuff to do but because I did most of it today it won’t be so bad.

Today, I cleaned out the back of my truck.  I’m not sure how the back gets so cluttered with junk.  Anyway, I got the back cleaned and hosed out.  I vacuumed the inside of the cab and gave her a good washing.  I then backed the truck up to my trailer and hooked up to it to pull it out to be able to work on.  I removed both tires and loaded them into the back of the truck so that I can get some new/used tires tomorrow after the shoot.  I looked like I had took a dip in a pool when I got done with all that today.

“Life Goes On!”