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Can I have a “Do Over” for today or can it just be over with.  It’s funny how you have everything planned out but the least little thing can change everything you have planned.

It started last night when I had made plans to go bike riding today when I got home from work.  I got everything ready last night before I went to bed so that once home I could change clothes and go.  Didn’t quite work that way.

Item 1.  At about 2pm I got a phone call from my wife telling me that the dryer had quit working.  Luckily I know a little about appliance repair so when I got home I immediately started trying to figure out what the problem was that was keeping my dryer from doing it’s main job.   Burnt wire on the thermostat plus the thermostat looks burnt.  I’ve got to call the supplyhouse in the morning to see if they have the parts if not I’ll have to order them online.

Item 2.  Once the dryer was looked at and all my tools were put away I looked at the clock and decided that I still had enough time to go for a ride but my wife had something she wanted to discuss with me.  It seems that my soon to be 22 year old son has been found to be driving reckless and driving too fast in and around the neighborhood.  He’s already had one speeding ticket and our insurance skyrocketed so we really can’t afford another rate hike.  My wife and I decided to tell our son that if he gets another ticket that he will be removed from our policy and he will have to pay for his own insurance.  At an estimated $1000/per six months, I don’t think he can afford that.  Maybe that will slow him down knowing that he may have to pay $150 a month to drive his car.

Item 3  After my meeting with the wife I had just enough time for a half loop.  That’s 15 miles.  It’s better than nothing so I go and start changing clothes.  The phone rings. The wife answers, “What’s Wrong”.  Two words that you don’t want to hear when all three of your kids are supposed to be on their way home from work. Keep in mind that all three of my kids work at the same water park. One daughter is upset from something that happened at work and now she’s quitting.  The other daughter says she’s going to quit if this superviser that made the first daughter so mad she’s going to quit is not fired.  Still with me?  Now my son arrives at home just as my wife is trying to tell me what is going on.  My wife stops in mid sentence and starts asking my son what happened.  Without going into great detail it seems that they have a problem with a supervisor and my son, who is about 4 years older than that of this supervisor, got caught in the middle. My son is supposed to see if he can talk to the supervisor’s boss in the morning to see if he can sort this whole mess out.  If not, someone will face the wrath of my wife tomorrow I can assure you.

Item 4 I quit looking at the clock at this point.  My girls come home.  We go over the entire events of the afternoon again with little to no resolve.  Again, my son says that he will talk to the boss in the morning when he gets to his training session.  If there is a solution my girls will go to work at 10 am as scheduled.  If no resolve, they will all quit I’m guessing.

I decided to take this opportunity to discuss the lead foot my son has with him.  I tell him of the $150 a month insurance plan, he’s not impressed with having to pay that amount.  Will it work, I doubt it. We shall see!

No riding for me today.  Going on vacation next week but will I have any money left to go after the repair work on my dryer?  This is only Tuesday and we still have three more days remaining in this week. The weekend can’t come soon enough.

“Life Goes On!”