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I had every intention of getting home and taking a ride on the bicycle this evening but with everything else I tried to do today my plans got changed.  I’m moving my son out of one apartment into another in a couple of weeks and being that we’re going to be out of town all of next week I decided that today would be as good a day as any to unload the firewood from my open trailer.  But first, I had to get to the trailer.  It seems that over a period of a few months brush had overtaken the area so I had to cut them down.  Once that was done I noticed that the tire was flat on the trailer so I’ll be calling the tire shop to order some used tires. The area that I have for my firewood was also growed up so here I go again cutting down more brush.  After about two hours I finally got my trailer unloaded and the firewood stacked.  I really need to unload my truck tomorrow but I think I’ll take a ride on the bicycle tomorrow.

“Life Goes On!”