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I’m not sure why but today has been a day of reflection. Maybe it’s because my son went back to college yesterday, maybe it’s because we’re taking my girls to a college tour on Saturday or maybe it’s because my dad turned 77 yesterday.  If feels like I’m on a fast roller coaster and there’s no way to get off.  Everything is changing so fast.

We started planning my daughter’s senior trip today.  It just seems like last year we were planning my son’s senior trip.  Well, it was my wife’s and I 20th wedding anniversary that turned into a senior Disney Cruise.   It just happened to be during the same time.  But anyway, I can’t believe that my daughters will be graduating this year.

To think my son will be graduating college in December is yet another thing that I can’t believe is happening so soon.  It just seems like yesterday that we dropped him off for his first year. Where has the time gone?

To think that my mom and dad are in their seventies is another thing that I can’t believe.  I’m blessed to have them both still around.  Many people my age can’t say that.  We’ve gone through so much together and yet it doesn’t seem like they should be that old.

In some ways I wished that there was a pause button so I can stop just long enough to catch my breath.  There is still so much I want to do and see with my kids and my parents I just hope we all are here long enough to do them.

“Life Goes On!”