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I’ve been riding on a regular basis for three years now and I’ve never felt like I’ve had the full support from my family. They’ve always kidded with me about my cycle shorts, the dri fit shirts that I wear and of course my head gear.  Whenever the subject comes up around the house about bike riding or cycling in general I always get a deaf ear and the subject gets dropped or changed.

Around the house if there’s anything to be fixed I’m the one to fix it.  I’ve got tools to do woodworking, auto mechanic, lawn mower repair, plumbing and even heating and air conditioning repair.  But what I don’t have is the proper tools to do bike repair.  It seems that there is a lot of things on a bicycle that takes a special tool.  A tool that I don’t have.  In fact, just the other day I needed a spoke wrench to tighten a spoke that had come loose and I didn’t have the proper wrench to do the job.  I went the next day and purchased a three sided spoke wrench (because I didn’t know which size I needed).  I even mentioned this to my wife who again turned a deaf ear.

Today, to my surprise, I received this tool box for Father’s Day.   I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I opened my gift.  I actually thought that it was a set of pedals that I have been wanting because I saw the box sitting on the front porch when I came in from work on Friday so I knew the box came from a bicycle supply house.

I made sure I gave each of my kids a huge hug and thanked them over and over.  I think they got the message that I was extremely thankful for my surprise.  I[m not sure if I’ve got them won over with me cycling yet but this looks like it’s a start anyway.

“Life Goes On!”