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What a day.  Last night I stayed up later than I wanted to so that I could make sure I had everything.  I packed all my cycle gear in one bag and I packed all my other stuff in another bag.  I made sure I had my meds, my cpap and my safety gear for while I’m riding.

I left work at the time I wanted too.  I knew I had to go the bank to deposit a check and I had realized I didn’t pack a cooler nor did I pack any water and I needed some snacks so that I wouldn’t wake up at 2am with a sugar crash but I needed to go to the bank first to have the cash to spend at the store.  What did I do?  I went to the store first.  I didn’t have the money to purchase everything I needed so I decided to go on to the bank and then stop closer to my destination before I stopped again.

About two hours in to my trip my mind starts wondering if I packed this or that.  I pulled over and did a physical check and realized that I didn’t pack any jeans.  I hate forgetting things so I decided to go ahead and plan on stopping at the next Wal-Mart that I come up to.  I bought a pair of jeans, some snacks, bottled water, a bag of ice and a cooler.  This is becoming more expensive than I want it too.

Twenty minutes from my destination I stopped at Wendy’s to get myself some supper.  I pulled into the drive through, ordered my meal and handed the lady at the window my debit card.  Another lady delivers my food and I drive off, without my debit card.  I got maybe 100 yards and realized what I had done and I turned around to retrieve my card.

Finally arrived at the hotel and got checked in.  I was ready to wind down.  I got everything unloaded and I went ahead and took the time to get everything ready for in the morning.  Once the ride is over there will be showers for everyone to get refreshed for the ride home so I’m going through everything and realize that I didn’t pack any underwear.  Really??  I had to go back out and go find another Wal-Mart.

I pull into the store, find what I need and head to the check out.  This place has 40 registers and only six working.  Everyone was complaining but that didn’t help.  Made it through the check out and out the door I went.  Guess what?  I couldn’t find my truck.  Seriously, I’m not making this up.  I’m pressing the panic button on the remote and listening but I’m not hearing anything.  Walking and pressing and hearing nothing for at least ten minutes and I’m beginning to think that maybe someone has stolen my truck.  I did eventually find my truck and made it back to the hotel.  The whole time driving back to the hotel I’m thinking why am I being so forgetful?  Am I just not paying attention? Or is my age finally catching up with me.  I’m really hoping that I’m done with today and I can turn this computer off and get some sleep and start tomorrow afresh and have everything I need.

Until Tomorrow

“Life Goes On!”