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Well almost.  I’ve still got a few things to load up including my bicycle.  Tomorrow I’ll be leaving work early and I’ll be traveling about three hours due south to Dothan to ride in a bicycle charity ride on Saturday.  They have several options including a 30 mile, 41 mile, a 69 and a 102 mile ride.  I’ve chosen to do the 41 mile loop.

Since Sunday of this week I have ridden everyday with the exception of Tuesday when I had to work.  Each day I have pushed myself to do at least 25 miles.  The roads around my house are not flat by no means but there not extremely hilly either.  When I get done my legs feel like they’ve had a good workout.

Tomorrow is my travel day and it’s going to be a rest day as well.  I will have a hotel room all to myself with no kids and no wife.  I already have my evening planned.  Nothing special just finishing up some emails, watching some television and going to bed at 10pm so I will be rested by 7am start time. I am really looking forward to some alone time.

“Life Goes On!”