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I’ve recently started recording my riding with a GoPro that have on my handlebar.  I have it mainly to record my ride to show just how stupid some motorist can be.  I’ve also found another use by recording all those dogs that are supposed to be either on a leash or in a fence that I have to deal with.  Since I’ve been recording I’ve only caught one dog biting my front tire while I was trying to get up a hill.  The owner of that dog has been notified and has since been put back in her fence.

I’ve also found another used for my video’s by an unlikely source.  I posted a picture about a house that had caught on fire right after I past it.  The next door neighbor of the house caught me as I rode past it last night and asked if I taped each ride.  I acknowledge that I did and she wanted to know if I happened to see a car at the house as I passed the night of the fire.  Once I get home I delete the files if nothing eventful happens.  It just so happens that nothing eventful happened while I was on my ride that night so I deleted everything so I didn’t have anything to review.  I guess I’ll start keeping the video for a couple of weeks now before deleting them.

“Life Goes On!”