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Ever had one of those nights when sleep just will not come?  I’m having one of those nights.  I’ve even taken a couple of night time pain pills but I’m still wide awake.  My mind keeps racing and I keep thinking of things that I need to be doing or things that I have no control over.  I’ve got to get up early in the morning and go to work so Mr. Sandman better come visit real soon or I’m going to be a total wreck tomorrow.

While I’m up I’ll go ahead and mention that I did get a ride in today.  I wanted to do my long route but I got a late start and I wanted to grill out for lunch before my son left at 2pm today.  I was in my second route when I looked down at my watch and noticed that it was already past noon so I took a short cut and headed back home.  Once home and before my shower I got the charcoal in the fire starter and lit the charcoal.  I had just enough time to take a shower and change clothes before the charcoal was ready.

I cooked pork chops and coated them with bbq sauce that is partly homemade with a little bit of store bought sauce.  It’s pretty good actually.  Shortly after we ate my son got all his belongings loaded up and off he went back to college.  He’ll be home in two weeks to do his laundry.  Not to see us mind you but to do his laundry. (His words exactly).  I know he was kidding around.

One thing that is really bugging me and I believe this is what is keeping me awake at night is the fact that I literally hate my job.  It’s not really the job I hate but the new management.  I won’t go into all the details but in short my new boss is exmilitary and everything has got to be rush, rush.  So much so that the whole department is on edge.  When everything is rushed so, mistakes are being made and some of them are actually dangerous.  It’s our fault and lack of knowledge and not the fact that we are being rushed.  We are given tickets for each job and each ticket is given a time limit on how long the job should last.  If you’re not completed with the job in the allotted time then our pay gets docked.  Iv’e been in this department for 29 years and we’ve survived this long without this stupid ticketing system.  More mistakes are being made now than ever before.  We’ve tried to talk to the upper management but they won’t listen.

I retire in 42 months.  That is unless they fire me or they offer an early out.  I turn 55 in three years and three months.  With my health the way it is I may not last till then but my goal is to retire November 22nd after I turn 55 in August of that year.  Why November not August?  They give out Christmas bonuses right before Thanksgiving so I’m staying to receive my bonus then I won’t let the door hit my behind on the way out.

I see that Mr. Sandman is finally knocking on the door so I am going to try and let him do his job.  I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend.  Thanks for listening and letting me spill my guts.

“Life Goes On!”