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I finally heard back from my oncologist yesterday.  It was such an emotional day yesterday that I forgot to post something about it.  It took them three weeks for them to get around to find the time to read to me my results.  Anyway, I know their busy and no news is good news, right?  Two months ago my RBC-abl test was .135 which is not bad but remember we’re looking for zero.  Yesterday I found out that that the new number is .08 which is better but again, not zero.  The oncologist did say that it was not uncommon for it to take eighteen months for it to get to zero.  It’s been 14 months as of the 14th of this month.

The above picture is of some pre-show entertainment for the Dixie Stampede, a diner show in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.  If you’re ever there it’s a must see.

“Life Goes On!”