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Momma goose is still doing her duty.  There had been reports that she wasn’t there and something had got her.  One of the cleaning ladies was very upset because she went up to see her and she was gone.  She assumed the worse.  I walked up to her and took this picture with my cell phone.  She was not happy that I got close to her. We raised geese when I was a kid so I knew what to expect.  She hissed and hissed at me.  I tried to calm her down but she wanted no part of me being that close to her.

It’s funny how weight fluxuates.  I’ll gain one pound one week and lose two the next or gain two pounds one week and gain another pound the next.  It’s so aggravating to work so hard at losing weight only to find that you gain.  But, I read this just a short time ago, “It’s not the weight loss, it’s the health that the most important”.  As long as I’m doing the treadmill or my bicycle every day or even a few days a week it can only help.  I am partial to the weight loss side though.  It’s more gratifying.

“Life Goes On!”