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Woke up sore this morning from hiking in the woods all day yesterday taking pictures.  It was worth every ache and pain.  I’ve been editing for most of the day and I’m not even half way through all the images.  Some time during the shoot my camera decided to start shooting in Aperture priority mode.  When I shoot in this mode I’m usually using the bracket mode so that meant that every picture was either 2 steps under exposed and 2 steps over exposed.  So every picture has to be edited.

The picture above is part of the creek that I followed for over a mile.  As you can tell it’s really nice out there.  If you are ever in the Atlanta Georgia area it would be worth a couple of hours of your time to at least hike down to the old textile mill.  Sweetwater Creek State Park, remember the name.

Happy Easter Everyone!!

“Life Goes On”