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Meet Codie Bell from Atlanta Ga.  I spent several hours with her and her husband today at Sweetwater Creek State Park.  It was a great shoot with a beautiful young lady.  The park was packed today with families with kids and dogs.  We had to walk quite a while through the woods to find a place to have a little bit of privacy.  We still had several hikers come by while we were shooting and even then they were few and far between.

This lady has had three kids and I was shocked when she told me.  She had the body of a 20 year old with no stretch marks what so ever.  She works out every day and you could tell it.  We walked about 5 miles up and down hills that made me gasp for breath and it didn’t even phase her.

It amazed me how we would be somewhere shooting and other photographers would set up right behind her while I was shooting.  I’ve got several pictures with another tripod in in focus.  All they cared is for them to get their shot.

I’ve got a lot of editing to do.  Twice my camera somehow managed to either get in the Aperture Priority Mode or the Shutter Priority Mode.  With me doing bracketing shots one photo is 2 steps under and one picture is 2 steps over exposed.  So I’ve got to spend some time trying to see if I can salvage some of these pictures.  It’s going to be time consuming to do over 100 pictures.  1500 total pictures in all.  Maybe she can uses some of the pictures.

Happy Easter everyone!!!

“Life Goes On!”