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With rain on Sunday, errands on Monday and a meeting late this afternoon  I just haven’t had time to get back on my bicycle.  I was able to get on my treadmill for about thirty minutes this evening.   Tomorrow looks promising although the darkness will sneak up on me and I will not get my full 20 miles in.  I’ll be lucky to get about thirteen before it gets too dark to see my way home.

No word on any of the stuff that was taken while he was at home for spring break.  He did receive a phone call from the detective but was not able to get back in touch with him to find out what he wanted.  My son is very upset over this.  He said that he gets a sick feeling in his gut everytime he goes into his room.  The good news is that he will not have to pay for the repairs to the door.  It seems that it’s the apartment’s place to have it repaired at their expense.  That’s a relief.  We’re already going to have to replace everything that was stolen and we didn’t need any extra expense.

Sorry for not posting any new stuff lately.  Just haven’t been anywhere to take any pictures.  I’m planning on getting out this weekend and shooting some.  There is an air show this weekend.  Maybe I’ll go there.  We shall see.

“Life Goes On!”