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Stayed home today to try to get over this crud.  Between the meds, the shots and the rest it looks like I’ll feel like going to work tomorrow.  I really didn’t need to take off today but with me running a fever most of the night I really couldn’t afford to go to work.

I took this a few years ago (since I’m running out of material and being that I’ve been stuck at home).  This is at a local steam plant that is not to far from me.  I’ve always admired these cooling towers because they remind me so much of the nuclear cooling towers we’re so familiar with.

I was out on a motorcycle ride and since I could see the towers off in the distance I decided to ride out there and take a few pictures.  I stopped several times near the plant and got a few and decided to got to the front entrance and get a few much closer shots.  I hadn’t been there just a few minutes with my camera out when this security guard came out and told me to put the camera away.  It wasn’t long thereafter when two deputy sheriff’s came pulling up to the scene.  I guess they thought I was some kind of terrorist.  An hour and a half later and after convincing these sherrif’s that I wasn’t their enemy I was free to go.  I’m really surprised they didn’t ask me to delete the images I took.  They didn’t even ask me about them and I wasn’t going to ask.

“Life Goes On!!”