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This morning I was honored to take my twin daughters to college day at UAB, University of Alabama Birmingham. We toured the campus, on foot, and went into places I’ve never been before.  I’ve lived here all my my life and I thought I knew the place.  I guess I was wrong.  It’s real nice and I learned a lot.  This also gave my daughters a chance to check out the campus, the dining area as well as some of the dorms.  I’m not sure what my daughters really thought of the place.  I think they have their thoughts of going someplace where they can experience their freedom and not have to commute from home on a daily bases.  Overall, it’s a nice campus with plenty of activities for the kids to do to unwind after a hard day of studying.

After we all got home we all crashed.  After a late night last night we all deserved a nap.

“Life Goes On!!”

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