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I had a shoot scheduled for today but I never heard from her.  It upsets me that some people will talk and talk to you and then just vanish with no contact whatsoever.  Won’t respond to emails, voicemail or even text messages.  Go Figure!  So what did I did I do today?  I spent the afternoon with one of my daughters at Tannehill Historical Park.

I won’t post pictures of my daughter due to her privacy but this is a picture of the church that is there.  I adore this place.  In fact, I love to go to this park and spend the day taking pictures.  As you can see, if you click the link, that this place has a lot to offer.

My daughter wants to be a model.  I’m not going to deny her the opportunity but I’d rather her be something else.  She’s still got a few more years before she has to decide and I will support her in whatever choice she decides to make.

I hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday.

“Life Goes On”