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Birmingham Botanical Gardens is Alabama’s largest living museum with more than 12,000 different plants in its living collections. The Gardens’ 67.5 acres contains 25+ unique gardens, 30+ works of original outdoor sculpture and miles of serene paths.

The Gardens features the largest public horticulture library in the U.S., conservatories, a wildflower garden, two rose gardens, the Southern Living garden, and Japanese Gardens with a traditionally crafted tea house. Education programs run year round and over 10,000 school children enjoy free science-curriculum based field trips annually.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, the most visited free attraction in Alabama, is open daily, offering free admission to more than 350,000 yearly visitors. (Copied from the Birmingham Botanical Garden’s website).

I’ve been going to this place for years and over the years I can tell that this place has lost a little of it’s luster.  I imagine that the economy has made a huge impact on the finances this place gets.  Don’t get me wrong, this place is still beautiful and full of life.  But to be honest, there’s a lot of maintenance that needs to be done.  The maintenance staff was working hard while I was there this past week and I guess it takes time to bring everything up to date.  Then again, they may just be trying to get everything ready for winter.

If you’re ever in the Birmingham area I would highly recommend spending a couple of hours in this place.  You can sit on one of the many benches and listen to the sound of chipmunks playing around in the leaves.  Of course, right now with the constructions going on across the street you can also hear the sound of jackhammers off in the distance. You can also hear the sound of the train whistle located nearby at the Birmingham Zoo.