For the most part it was successful.  I did not reach my 10000 steps.  Most weekends I do not get near that goal. It’s a challenge for me to get it during the week bu achievable.  

I had a bag of popcorn just before 7 pm and I had one peanut butter cookie that my daughter had made the other day.  I did have one soda and one container of strawberry yogurt.

I did not get on my treadmill nor my trainer today,  I spent the majority of my day installing a garage door opener.  I will finish that job tomorrow.  

I kept my calories down well below 2000 but I’m craving something to eat right now.  I am very proud of my self for not eating at Jack’s Hamburger this morning.  I had a meeting with a scout parent there this morning and he and his son ate biscuits and grave right in front of me.  I waited until I got home and had my cereal with 2 percent milk.