I would if I could. For years now I’ve been having trouble breathing, especially when I do anything strenuous. Walking up a hill or an incline, pushing or pulling an object or just taking a shower causes me to get out of breath. For years now I thought it was due to fluid being built up around my heart and lungs due to diastolic heart failure and medications for my CML. I just recently went to my pulmonologist and they found a little bit of fluid around my lungs which I had it removed it was only 1.5 liters of fluid. After having it removed I’m still having trouble breathing. The pulmonologist put me on a once a day inhaler for 2 months. Today marks the end of my inhaler as well as my next appointment for my pulmonologist and I’m not any better as of yet.

I’ve got my doctor scratching his head because there is no apparent reasoning for my shortness of breath. The pulmonologist did suggest that I tried to lose weight because I’ve got a lot of pressure against my lungs.

I’ve lost 6 lb since my last visit two months ago.