For those of you that have sent me messages regarding my existence, It is my pleasure to announce that I am still alive and well. I am currently on my phone app because the desktop version of WordPress is not working for me. Hopefully they will get this mess resolved soon.

I have been on lockdown for over two and a half months and it’s starting to get the best of me. I have left my house a total of three times during this time frame, twice to the doctor and once to check on my fishing hole. I’ve tried to keep myself busy such as doing yard work but because my gym is closed my weight has crept back up. So much so that I’ve been afraid to even look at the scales. I did however get on the scales this morning and to my surprise I’ve only gained 6 lb. My sugar has also crap back up and I’m ashamed to say that I have become a grazer again.

Today my daughters graduate college. It was supposed to be this huge pump and circumstance of an event but because of this virus that has shut down our nation, their graduation ceremony has become a very surreal event. No pomp and circumstance, no walking down the aisle, and no watching the other hundreds of graduates receiving their diplomas as well as my own daughters. Today, while one daughter is in Tuscaloosa working, I am fortunate to have the other daughter with us and she and my wife are currently gone now to a local restaurant to grab a bite to eat and bring it back. That will be our ceremony for today. I was supposed to drive to Tuscaloosa tomorrow

to take pictures of my daughter’s in their graduation cap and gown but the other daughter’s boyfriend doesn’t have shoes so it’s been canceled for now. I was so looking forward to it.

I guess that’s it for now. I live quite a boring life at times. my part come in from my lawn mower so I guess I’ll go out there and work on it to get it going. I hope everybody stays safe, stay at home, and if you’re one of those essential workers, thank you. Thank you for all you’ve done during this time.