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_1TH9138Happy belated holidays! Wow!  It’s been a rollercoaster ride for me and my family.  There is no way I can put all that’s been going on in one post.  If I did, it would be a very long post and most would not read to the end.  So, that being said I’ll probably post several topics in the next few days.  I’ll go ahead and briefly tell you what’s been going on though.

Diet  Nonexistent.  I really tired but these holidays were just too much for my weak will power.  I am back on it but and I have lost a few pounds.  I got on my treadmill the other day and I think the thing has a weak motor.  I know I weigh quite a bit but I don’t think the thing should stop suddenly like that. Maybe I’ll rejoin the gym at the local Baptist church up the street.

Dad’s Kidney Stones Dad called me up before Christmas wanting to know if I could take him to the hospital to have a kidney stone removed.  It seems that my mom, which is in her 80’s, had to take her to a clinic in the early morning hours that morning.  The doctor there said that he had a stone which was too big to pass on his own.  1.2mm x .08mm.  The clinic did not have the resources there to break up the stone.  I took him to the hospital and the doctor there said that they normally do not call in the urologist for anything that small.  My dad and I looked at each other. I looked it up and 1.2mm is nearly half an inch.  I called the doctor out on it and he reassured me that my dad could pass the stone.   The day after Christmas, which was about a week later, my sister made an appointment with a urologist and had the stone removed.  I won’t go into how they did it but from the sound of it, I wouldn’t want to have it done.  I spoke to him yesterday and all is well.

Oncologist Report  I haven’t been or heard from my oncologist since last August.  A lot of things have been going on with different meds that had me concerned about my numbers.  You see, I’m on drugs for some ulcers in my lower stomach.  One of the drugs that I’ve been on is Zantac.  This drug has been known to lower the effectiveness of my cancer drug as well as cause cancer too.  In order for the ulcer med to have minimal effect on my cancer drug, there had to be a six-hour delay before I could take my cancer drug after taking the ulcer drug.  Now, the new drug they have me on after taking me off the Zantac, they want me to take it four times a day but still keep the six-hour delay.  Can’t be done.  So far I have only figured out that I can take it in the morning and once at night before going to bed.  This is crazy. Oh, by the way, all my numbers are good.  

Ok, that’s it for tonight.  There are several more interesting items that I want to talk about so stay tuned.