While I’m sitting here waiting for my sleep aids to take effect I can’t help but wonder what life will be after I retire in a few months.  I don’t have anything really planned after I retire other than the norm…such as yard work, paint the house and other odds and ends that needed to get done. My wife thinks that I should maybe find another paying job.  The problem with that is, except for the last few months, I’ve been in and out of the hospital and doctor’s office so much that I can’t build up any vacation time.  Every time I build up some hours something happens and I’m back in the hospital again.  Usually, when I go to the hospital, I’m in there for four or five days with the doctors running all sorts of tests.  It’s always the same results; fluid around my heart and lungs.  They don’t listen to me though, and off I go for a battery of tests.

Anyway, maybe I can find a part-time job, working only three days a week or so.  I’ve even thought about getting my CDL and becoming a school bus driver. Work a few months out of the year and off during the summer.  I think I’d like that.  Except, my wife doesn’t think I’ll like that. Said I don’t have the temperament for it. I’d probably throw a fit and get fired.  Maybe…maybe not.

I’ve tried raising bees.  I’ve got everything needed to raise a couple of hives.  They keep leaving though.  The last hive I had was doing so good. They had made enough honey in the super that I went out and bought a hand crank extractor.  Two weeks later, the original hive was gone and other bees were robbing all the honey out.  No honey for me and no bees.  After three times of losing the bees, I think maybe beekeeping is not for me.  Too expensive just to have the bees leave.

I have an HVAC contractor’s license.  I guess if all else fails I could go into business for myself and work on peoples air-condition units.  I tried that years ago, found out that people want you to do the work for free.  Ended up having to get payment up front before doing the work just so that I would know I’d get paid.  I stayed too busy and plus, I don’t like working in people attics.  Too hot and too cramped.

I did photography work as well for many years.  I did mainly weddings.  There again, people wanted you to do the work for free.  Had signed contracts but yet when the wedding was over, I would spend weeks trying to get in touch with them to get the remainder of my money.  Another thing about weddings.  There were a few wedding that never started on time.  I would tell the bride to be there at noon if the wedding started at two just so that we would have time to get all the pictures done before the wedding.  I had one lady show up ten minutes till two dress in blue jean shorts, wife beater t-shirt and her hair still in curlers.  Remind you now, the wedding started at two and she shows up at ten till still needing to get dressed.

Sleep meds are starting to kick in.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.