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I just signed up for the 29-mile Crimson Tide Ride in Tuscaloosa on July 28th.  I’ve ridden this ride several times but when this medication started messing with my lungs, I was no longer able to do so.  Right now, I feel like I can do it again.  It’s true that my longest ride so far this year has only been a little over eight miles, with the time left before the ride, I’m confident that I’ll be able to do the ride.  That is if my new meds don’t interfere.  If I continue to improve, I should be able to do the 36 mile next year.  I understand it has several more hills to overcome.

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Yesterday, our company participated in the Birmingham Corporate Challenge.  There were several events ranging from tug of war, corn hole, homerun derby, dodgeball, cycling and several other events. I participated in the 10k bike stroll.  It was a very simple route.  It was a three-mile loop that you had to do twice in which about a mile of it was a long hill.  This hill nearly whooped my butt the second time around.  Having forgotten my water bottle didn’t help matters any.  The event actually started with events on Thursday and ended about 6pm on Saturday.  Our company came in second overall last year.  It was sponsored by Chik fila and they gave out free chicken sandwiches.  I can’t wait to see where our company ended up in the standings this year.