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Only 138 days left until I retire.  Not that I’m counting or anything.

I took my drone flying today. There’s an old railroad car yard that’s been left to rust near my home.  I’d been meaning to fly out there for a while now.  Today was the day.  I was off today being that today was Good Friday.  The wind was a little high but I managed to get the flight off without much of a problem.  I’ve got another flight plan that takes the drone down a little closer, maybe I’ll get to do it tomorrow.

I finally heard from my pharmacy today and I should be able to get my new meds on Tuesday of next week.  I sure hope I do well with this med.  I talked to the pharmacist and they told me that there’s a lot of side effects. Some pretty bad.  I can deal with some of the effects as long as the medicine works.  We shall see.