My health has steadily improved over the past several months with the exception of a sciatic nerve pain issue in my right hip.  I’ve been dealing with it since right before Christmas.  It has gotten better but I did end up getting a pain block this past Friday.  Not sure if it worked or not.

A couple of nights before Christmas, one of my daughters and I had a fallen  out.  Because of my health there were some changes made with my job.  One of which was a huge pay cut.  This daughter of mine loves to go out and shop when ever she’s home.  I’ve tried talking to her about my job status but it still didn’t matter.  I cut lose on her, which I now regret.  I left the house upset, jumped into my truck and didn’t make it far before I parked into a parking lot and lost it.  I guess it had been building up for a long time and I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.  I’m doing better now I guess.  I haven’t had an episode like that since but I do miss my girls tremendously when they’re away at school.

Got plans to start riding my bicycle next week.  Found a couple of small groups that don’t go too far and are easy rides.  I think I’ll do better riding with someone else verses riding by myself at least till my health really improves.

That’s it for now.