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My first day back to work from a week long vacation is tomorrow and I should be going to bed but as luck would have it I’m waiting for a video to render on my computer.  Once that’s done I’ll eventually go on to bed.

The family and I  drove the ten hours back from Orlando on Friday.  We spent four days there and I must say we had a pretty good time.  Because of some breathing issues I had to cut my days a little short the last two days we were there.

We drove down on Sunday and if you’ve been following the news that’s when Orlando had the nightclub shooting which killed those 49 people.  Security was beefed up a bit and it took longer to get in so I’m told. And of course, we also learned of the tragic death of the two year old boy that got drug into the water and died.  Orlando had a trying week last week.

Like I said earlier, we had a pretty good time.  The lines were long, temps were high, food prices were high, some of the patrons were rude and the security was tight.  Nearly every ride my wife went on broke down at least twice during the ride.  Fast Trac was the only ride that offered another ride without having to start back at the beginning.

This trip was a graduation gift to my three kids.  Our son graduated from college and my two daughters graduated high school.  Taking three kids means that you have three opinions at which time caused problems within itself.  They either all wanted to do something different or just one wanted to something different.  I tried to stay neutral because this was their trip and I wanted to do what they wanted to do.  By Thursday afternoon I was tired of all the bickering I went back to the cabins so they would work it out themselves with me interfering.

We did encounter a couple of problems.  With the alligator incident Disney decided to close down all the beachfront activities which included the boat that left out of Fort Wilderness where we were staying.  If you stayed at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds the only transportation to the Magic Kingdom was to take the boat.  When the boy was attacked the transportation department didn’t realize this and stranded many guests.  Of course, you could hop a bus and go to another resort and catch another bus to Disney but that would take a lot of time and most likely they would lose their “Fastpass” time slot.  Communication between transportation and the resorts were non existent during this time and neither knew the answers to the questions being asked.  On Thursday I had a backstage pass to the steam locomotives and had to call many people just to get a ride from the campgrounds to the Magic Kingdom.  I made it just in time not to be late.

Most of the problems we had were personal and had to deal with it our own way.  When I say personal I mean being raised differently I guess.  An example;  When standing in line for a ride I would always give the person in front of me their “personal space”.  Meaning, I don’t want people breathing down my neck when we stopped or not bumping into me every time I stopped. Cutting in line.  We actually had adults send their kids in front of us and cut in line and once they were in place the adults would come up and join them.  I watched them do this several times by several different families.  Maybe that’s what they do in their countries but I have a problem with it.  Dress, or should I say lack of.  I saw teen girls wearing outfits that should only be worn in the presence of their own mother and no one else.  And another thing.  Just because you own the outfit doesn’t mean that you should wear it in public.  My kids are nearly grown and they were even embarrassed by them.

Well, the video is finished so I guess I’ll take my meds and go to bed.  All in all a good trip and would do it again if I had the money.  Next year will be a nice relaxing trip to the beach which is a lot closer and a lot less crowded.  I just hope my kids can work around their schedules and go with us.  They’re getting to the age now where they may not can go with us.