Since my last posting, my parents have greatly improved.  More that I thought they ever would considering their circumstances.  After spending nearly two weeks in the hospital and another two weeks at my brothers house we finally moved them back to their home today.  Dad has graduated from his oxygen tank but is still with his walker.  Mom, on the other hand, has graduated from her walker but is still on 2 liters of oxygen.  She had some breathing problems even before the accident so this was not unexpected.  We’ve paid a sitter to stay with them during their time at my brothers house but today they’ve decided that no sitter will be needed.  At least for the time being.

After getting my parents settled in, I took the time just to watch them get around.  I have no doubt that they can get around without much of an issue.  Mom has an air hose from her oxygen generator that is long enough to go from her living room, to the kitchen, through the den and into her bedroom.  My biggest fear would be for her to get tangled up in her oxygen hose and take a fall.  My other fear is that she doesn’t have enough strength to do much of anything.  So, for the time being, someone else will have to cook and clean for a while.  They have several relatives that live in the area that have already volunteered to help so I think we have that covered.

Mom just turned 75 last Monday and dad will turn 78 in the last part of June.  My siblings and I find it hard to believe, after seeing the site of the accident and seeing pictures of the car, just how lucky we are to have them still with us.

Life is slowly getting back to normal.  I will continue to make daily phone calls and at least a weekly visit just to see how they’re doing and to make sure they don’t need anything. I have a sister that lives a lot closer than anyone else in the family so she’ll be checking on her on a daily basis.