Since my plans for making my last post of 2015 was somewhat averted because I was spending time in the hospital during this time, I decided to end 2015 with this post.

2015 was not what I had intended for it to be.  As the new year started I spent a couple of weeks off from work due to having to have eye surgery to remove floaters.  The surgery itself wasn’t that bad just having to spend time off from work due to the type of work that I do.  Didn’t want to rupture anything and have to go back in to the hospital.

Not long after getting over eye surgery I had to take a week off due to having pneumonia.  My time was quickly dwindling down and really needed to get a handle on things.  As time went on I had to take less time off and my time was finally started to build back up.  I was determined to have enough time built up to be able to take a week off during the summer months to be able to take my family on a vacation.  It hurt to take a week off but I was able to do it with nearly two weeks to spare.  But with having to constantly take off for dr appointments really took it’s toll.

About four weeks prior to Christmas I had the flu, two weeks after that I had kidney stones and now I’m off with UTI and upper chest infection, spending a week in the hospital with that.  I’m down to zero time and I’m having to take a week off with no pay for the first full work week in January.  So, 2016 is not starting off great.

My daughters will be graduating high school in May, my son will be graduating college in May as well and we’re planning on going to Disney for their graduation trip.  I have no choice but to make sure I have enough time built up to take off during the summer for them.

I’d like to thank all the followers that I’ve acquired during the year. When I first started the blog I had no intentions of having any type of followers.  This blog was just meant to be a sounding board for me to be able to release some stress of my everyday life.

For 2016 I still plan on doing some blogging on here but I’m mainly going to be using my other blog to share some recipes and such.  That’s one thing that I really love doing and I’ve been told that what I need to do what I love doing.

I’m still going to be hanging around and viewing and reading your blogs so don’t think I’ve gone because I’m not.  I enjoy it too much to leave.

“Life Goes On!”