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Thankfully we were spared most of the damage.  We had 200 road closures throughout the state either by flooding or by the roads being washed out.  We had two tornados hit within miles of where we live and although there is still an ongoing search for some missing people, there hasn’t been any confirmed fatalities and I’m praying that they are found alive.

We’ve had two tornadoes that were in close proximities of where we live.  One in 1998 and the other in 2011.  The one in ’98 hit a town not far from us and traveled to within a mile to the left of us.  There were over 30 fatalities and hundreds of homes destroyed.  The other was in 2011 with 13 dead and again, hundreds of homes destroyed.  This one hit within a half mile to the right of us and practically destroyed the city in which I live in.  I might add that in both cases I was not at home at the time the tornadoes hit.  The first, I was in a night class not far from home.  The other, I was with my son on a band trip headed toward Orlando Florida. Both times I left my wife alone with either one kid or alone with two girls.  Either time was difficult for me to get over.

“Life Goes On!”