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I got up this morning, pain was somewhat minimal.  I got a shower and started getting dressed when the pain started increasing.  I went ahead and got dressed and took my pain meds before I left for work.  The temperature had dropped and caused my windshield to be coated with a heavy coat of ice.  By the time I scrapped all the ice I was in considerable pain.  I was determined to make it to work my I just couldn’t make it.  I turned around just before reaching the interstate.  I made it home just as my wife was leaving for work.  I went inside and took two ibuprofen PM so I could at least get some rest.  I woke up at 2pm when my oncologist called to tell me that my medication had been approved by my insurance company. After a few phone calls to the pharmacy and to the drug manufacturer I went back to bed. It is now 10:30 pm and I haven’t been up long.  I’ve already taken my pain meds and I’m going to take a shower before going back to bed.  I haven’t eaten anything all day because I just haven’t felt like it.  Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.

“Life Goes On!”