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Several years ago I went with the high school band as a chaperone to Chicago.  At first, I hated the idea of going to such a large city.  As it turned out it was one of the best trips that I’ve ever been on.  Chicago has got to be one of the biggest cities that I’ve ever been too. I was able to spend a day in Paris some twenty five years ago and visited the Eiffel tower. That was exciting but to be in such a big city in my own country was awesome.  We got to go into the old Sears Tower, take a diner cruise, eat at a pizzeria and the band got to perform in front of the gates of an amusement park.

A funny thing happened while we were in Chicago.  We went to see the Blue Man group but got to the location about an hour early.  There was a sporting goods store within walking distance so the chaperones decided to take the fifty some odd kids to the store to walk around.  Bad move on our part.  We hadn’t been there ten minutes when the place was surrounded by Chicago’s finest.  I was in the back of the store when they came barging in guns in hand.  Someone had reported us as a flash mob and we were in there to do a smash and grab.  Luckily, the police that rushed in had calm heads and decided to listen to some of the adults.  After we explained why we were in there the manager of the store quickly apologized and gave us the run of the store.  A picture was taken with one of the officers with one of the kids in handcuffs just as a joke.  It was a fun trip.

“Life Goes On!”