My boss is an AH.  He doesn’t believe in telling people that they’ve done a good job or give anyone a compliment of any kind.  I’ve had the most unfortunate pleasure of working for him for the past two years and to be honest it’s been the worst two years of my thirty years of employment at this company.  During these two years we’ve lost two people because they couldn’t find it in their heart to continue working for such an idiot.  This has created a major shortfall of personnel in our department and the workload is piling up and my workload has increased substantially.

During these two years, not once has he complimented me on my work or thanked me for anything that I’ve done.  While the managers that we’ve had in the past not only gave us praise for what we’ve done and how we did it but they would always gave us small bonuses for doing a good job.  Not this guy.

We, the department, have had many a conversation with him telling him of his shortfall and he knows that he needs to do better.  I’ve sat down and told him that a simple thank you can go a long way.  He always ends the conversation saying the he will try to do better.

I had no sooner got to work when I got a call to go to one of our buildings to look at a furnace that wasn’t working.  The unit had a bad gas valve so I took the time to replace it. I spent several hours troubleshooting the unit and once I found the problem I fixed it. When I got back to the office my boss was waiting at the door for me.  He asked what was wrong with the unit and I told him what I did and that I went ahead and fixed the problem.  I nearly fell to my knees when I heard from his lips “Thank You for taking the time to fix the unit”.  Wow! Miracles do happen.