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After my appointment with my oncologist I spent some time renewing an old friendship with a young lady from my past.  I had seen that she was in town for a few days and I called her up to see if she wanted to meet for some coffee.  She was elated to hear from me.  We met at a local coffee shop where we talked for over two hours.  I drank so much coffee I think it will be sometime next week before I get any sleep.

It’s amazing how time gets away from you.  I had no idea that it had been ten years since I’d seen her.  We had so much to talk about but so little time to catch up.  She had to hurry on to catch a flight back to where she’s now living.  It was really good to be able to spend what little time I had with her today.  I’m hoping that it won’t be another ten years before I get a chance to see her again.

“Life Goes On!”