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By now I think everyone has either seen the list, heard about the list and maybe even looked through the list to see if someone you know is on the list. The list I’m referring to is the Ashley Madison List.  By no means am I condoning the actions of the people that made the list.  In my opinion, they just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.  The last two days my news feed on my FB account has been dominated with people wanting to share the list.  Yes, I read the list simply because I wanted to make sure my name wasn’t on there.  I knew it wasn’t because I never visited the site.  But, you never know if somehow by chance someone stole my identity.

While I was glancing at the list, I did notice a couple of people that I actually know. In fact, my kids went to school with their kids.  I simply can’t imagine what their going through right now.  The embarrassment and humiliation must be unbearable.  I’ve heard that there’s even been a couple of cases of suicide due to the list being published.

Here’s my take on the list.  I don’t really care who’s on the list.  I will not share the list nor will I speak ill of the people I know that are on the list.  It’s simply none of my business.  The families involved have got enough on their plate right now and they don’t need my help by spreading the list around.

“Life Goes On!”