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I stated yesterday that come Hell or high water I was going to ride today. When I woke up it was storming here.  At first I believed that the ride wouldn’t happen.  But, as fate would have it, the skies cleared after lunch and I was able to get a little over 22 miles in.  This coming week the weather looks good for riding each day.  I know Friday evening is out due to a football game and Saturday morning is out due to having to take one of my daughters to a music class.

It really felt good to get out on the bicycle today.  It was a bit windy and I had a headwind for most of my ride.  I had several dogs that tried to attack me today and I have yet to understand why people allow their dogs to run loose in a community where there is a leash law.  I’m just wondering if one of these dogs cause me to have a wreck and it causes me bodily injury who is going to be responsible for my medical bills?  I would think it would be the dog owner but with today’s laws who knows?

“Life Goes On!”