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Within the last few days I’ve heard tell of about five other people in my area that ride bicycles on a regular basis.  I’ve only seen one cyclist and he lives on my street but I’ve only seen him once but he’s seen by my wife multiple times riding during the day.  A couple of years ago I met a lady just as she was pulling in her driveway.  I spoke with her a few minutes and found out that she rides during the day during the week and rarely during the weekends.  This evening on my way home I spoke to a guy who just started riding and he stated that he wants to ride with me.  One problem with that is he’s only able to ride about seven miles and he doesn’t do hills.  Unless he rides at the track he’s in for a big surprise around here.  I’d be nice to have a riding partner but they’d have to ride my pace and able to ride the distances I ride.  Maybe one of these days I’ll catch up with someone who I can ride with on a regular basis.

BTW, here is a video that I did of a 29 mile bike ride condensed to a 5 minute video.  I hope you enjoy.


“Life Goes On!”