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I got home and hurriedly changed into my riding gear.  My wife got home late and didn’t have supper ready but it was close.  After I changed clothes I shoved down a pork chop and off I went on my bike ride.  Before I left I checked the radar and noticed that a storm was approaching but was fading fast.   About an hour into the ride I started noticing that another storm was approaching but this time from different direction.  I stopped to check the radar on my phone and I could hear thunder off in the distance.  Being that the tornado of 2011 took out most of the trees in this area I was the tallest thing around.  This did not leave a comforting thought.  I cut the ride short and headed home.  After my shower and a change of clothes the storm hit with a mighty force.  Power has been going on and off and my poor grumpy cat hasn’t left my side.  He doesn’t like storms and usually cowards behind the bed but for some reason he’s being my best bud.  That along with the storm shall soon pass.

“Life Goes On!”