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Vacations are never long enough.  Even though we had two full days at the beach I could’ve used another week at the least.  Everyone had a great time and we had great weather.  The waves were a bit rough but that didn’t keep us out of the ocean.  I was able to get to the front row this morning.  I had to get up early to do so but I was there when they set out the beach chairs.

Kids are wanting to do some shopping before we actually set the gears in motion toward home.  It’s a five hour trip so I’m in no real big hurry to get home.  The girls will have to go into work Saturday morning and my wife and I will be moving our son out of one apartment and into another so Saturday will be a busy day for everyone.  Sunday will be my rest day before having to start my work week on Monday.  To be honest, I am not ready to go back into that Hell hole.

“Life Goes On!”